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IEAC monitors, evaluates and regulates the actions of educational accreditation agencies devoted to online education across the globe, by working towards the establishment, preservation and promotion of the highest standards possible in these growing spheres of continuing education.
We provide extensive resources for our member organizations which are involved in the accreditation of institutions providing distance learning programs.

Accreditation Organizations

Higher Education Institutions


International Education Accreditation Commission
The IEAC oversees the actions of many accreditation bodies across the globe. It acts as a watchdog by evaluating and affirming the standards of accrediting agencies for online programs. In addition to this role, the IEAC ensures that the best practices in on-line education accreditation are disseminated among its member organizations. This sharing of learning boosts the sector and ensures the continued growth of the online education field.

International Education Accreditation Commission
Higher education institutions will always require independent accreditation to verify the quality and efficiency of their programs. This need is particularly critical in those institutions involved in online learning, because online learning has unusual technology issues and a wide geographic span. The IEAC supports these educational institutions by acting as an industry watchdog for the organizations that accredit them and ensuring those same accrediting organizations are kept abreast of the latest industry standards.

Online education is, at present, one of the fastest growing fields in education. Today, students make full use of the functionality and global benefits it can provide, and are getting more sophisticated in their requirements. At its core the IEAC aims to ensure students across the globe are provided a top-quality education by monitoring accreditation organizations. As a student, learn more about the online education process, its merits and demerits and the importance of accreditation.

About IEAC


IEAC grants membership to IAO - International Accreditation Organization

IEAC is a body that oversees the actions of many accreditation agencies across the globe. IAO - International Accreditation Organization plays a key role in providing valuable independent review of the many diverse types of quality education providers.IAO - International Accreditation Organization ranks amongs the most reputable accreditation agencies.

The IEAC conducts quality audits of the accreditation agencies to see if the practices and standards used by them are current with the best quality-oriented practices of online education providers today. To this end it has developed different standards of practice and guidelines connected with the accreditation of online educational institutions to assess and certify the quality practices of those accreditation agencies that apply for IEAC membership
International Education Accreditation CommissionThe IEAC is a private, non-profit organization that co-ordinates accreditation activities across the globe. The IEAC is a global watchdog organization devoted to the establishment, maintenance and ongoing improvement of standards of accreditation agencies across the globe connected with online education. The IEAC examines the proficiency of management and quality of work done by educational accreditation bodies. The IEAC scrutinizes the operations of these accrediting agencies, with a view to determining, ranking and enhancing the quality of work done by them as well as suggesting methods for improvement.

Popular Tools Resources and Links

The IEAC, as an organization dedicated to promoting rigorous quality and standards in online accreditation, has a unique role in the spreading of information. We provide resources regarding online education itself and its accreditation to our many stakeholders. Use our tools resources and links to learn more about this huge field.  

Government & General Public

International Education Accreditation Commission
In the public sector, educational institutions are usually governed by an overseeing body such as the Department of Education, while in the private sector accreditation agencies are rapidly taking over this function and proving their worth. The IEAC as a central body plays the valuable role of monitoring or supporting the actions of the many public and private accreditation agencies across the globe with a sole focus on those providing accreditation to online learning providers.

IEAC grants membership to AACBE – American Accreditation Council of Business Education

IEAC is a body that oversees the actions of many accreditation agencies across the globe. AACBE is a leading accreditation body working towards improving the quality of education. AACBE is ranked as one of the recognized and reputable accreditation agency. AACBE accreditation proves to be a basic need of business schools due to its accreditation process and values offered to different educational institutes.

The IEAC conducts quality audits of different accreditation bodies to see if the standards are up dated and practices followed by education providers are of best quality. IEAC has developed different guidelines and practices connected with the accreditation of educational institutions to evaluate and verify the quality practices of those accreditation agencies that apply for IEAC membership.

  • The internet offers prospective college students a wealth of information regarding many different aspects of the education process
  • Hiring managers, recruiters and corporations are realizing the worth of employers using online programs to further their education
  • Most accredited universities have many online tools and resources that you can use to help manage your education
  • In 2004, 2.5 million students in higher education enrolled in at least one class online.
  • Growth in online education continues at 400,000 students annually.
  • Corporations are increasing the use of online learning; 77% use distributed learning today compared to only 4% in 1995.